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Grand Valley is a charter club with the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.  It was established 50 years ago when a few brave souls came together because of their love of history and black powder shooting.  Grand Valley has grown to well over 100 family memberships and puts on some of the largest events in the area.  With 126 acres of land, Grand Valley offers opportunities for primitive, shotgun, bench, cross stix and line matches for young and old alike.  There is space for both primitive and modern camping.  We have a block house, primitive one room cabin and club house with a covered pavilion.  Grand Valley shoots the 1st Sunday of the month.  The morning starts with a woods walk followed by line matches in the afternoon.  On Sunday after the shooting there is a club membership meeting to conduct club business.  Daily shooting awards concludes the meeting.









Grand Valley also has one of the finest Muzzle Loading Shotgun Facilities in the state. We now have 3 electric trap houses and a newly completed skeet range along with sporting clays and 5 stand.  You may also want to try walking thru the woods and shooting the challenging quail walk.  Shot gunners shoot the first weekend of the month on Sunday November thru March and on Saturday and Sunday in the summer months. Several shotgun weekend events are planned thru out the year.  The shotgun area is set up for modern camping with facilities for 25 camp sites. You are invited to come and spend some time with us to shoot or just watch.  Skeet and Trap weekend events are scheduled thru out the year. Check the MSMLA schedule for date of events.










Our Mission Statement






Our mission is to create, promote and encourage an interest in historical firearms; to preserve their histories, along with the crafts and traditions of our American heritage; to promote good fellowship and teach firearm safety; to purchase, hold and use the Club property, both real and personal for accomplishing these purposes, and to preserve our constitutional rights as to any and all acts permitted by the laws of the State of Michigan.





3576 26TH STREET

HOPKINS, MI. 49328









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For further information contact any of the following persons:




Jeff Terrell                                                     Larry Horrigan

President                                                        VicePresident

3539 Toronto Trail                                        (269) 793-3265

Wayland, Mi. 49348                                      

(269) 792-4384                                                                  



Paul Mercer                                                   Dennis Priddy

Shotgun                                                          Primitive

(616) 307-7728                                               (517) 852-0939                                         












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